121 Copy Magic Package


Your personality shines through when you talk about your business.

So what's going wrong when you try and write about it?

And why, oh why, does it take up so much of your time?

It doesn’t have to be this hard, my friend.

You can have fantastic copy that sounds like you, converts clients and spend your own time get on with doing what you do best: Running your business!

You know your current approach to writing copy for your website, blog, social media captions, emails - the list goes on - is NOT working!

⚡️You know you have to create a sales page.
⚡️You know you need to start sending regular emails.
⚡️You know you need copy on your website that converts.


But you also know that every time you open that Google Doc, you are filled with a slow, creeping nausea, fear and dread. Because it means one thing: You have to start writing!

You have a million brilliant ideas a day!

But when it comes to getting the thoughts out of your head and into the written word, you feel a bit like you’re smacking your head into a brick wall over... and over….

...and over again.

And that does not fill you with joy!


Plenty of things do fill you with joy though, right?

You love a lively brainstorm, you’re the badass champion of a mindmap, and you light up when you’re working with your clients.

Wouldn’t it be a dream if you could spend all your time doing this stuff, and none of your time creating copy, whilst still regularly putting sparkling content out into the universe?

I thought so!

The good news is, that’s exactly where I come in.

In fact, taking your genius ideas and turning them into compelling copy that shines with your personality is exactly what lights me up!


Anna Liscio - Smooth Consulting

My wonderful client Anna shares her experience working with me 121 to create 'Copy Magic'!


Hey - I'm Chantelle!

I’m a professional word whizz (copywriter) and your new secret weapon for content!

I have 6 years of corporate sales and 3 years of professional copywriting under my belt, so if you want more sales - I'm your girl!

My superpower is listening to people talk about their ideas, goals and business and distilling that into sharp, clear copy that attracts your ideal clients.


I’m here to put words in your mouth, with my '121 Copy Magic' Package.

Over 12 weeks together, we’ll create a bank of content for you to use in your business, ensuring that next time you want to send an email, post to social media or sell your services, you won’t be lost for words!

This hybrid 121 coaching and copywriting package is for inspiring, engaged entrepreneurs and business owners to help them bring their vision to life and create amazing copy.

If you are just such a business owner - and I think you are - then maybe these outcomes sound pretty darn appealing?

Would you like to...

✨Free up your time to focus on business development rather than writing content?

✨Feel confident communicating your brilliant ideas?

✨Create and batch relevant content for your social media platforms, blog and emails?

✨Release the constant pressure to be writing content when you’d rather be coming up with new ideas or working with clients?

✨Attract your perfect clients without the slog, through effective sales pages and website content?

✨Get strategic support distilling and refining your ideas, with a sounding board that knows your business inside out?

✨Create compelling case studies from existing or previous clients without putting demands on their time or yours?

Is this course right for me?

If you're an entrepreneur or SME owner who is already making money from your business and getting referrals, but looking to level up: Look no further.

If you want to sell more, 'set and forget' your social media, website and sales copy and come across as well in word as you do in person: This package is for you. 


So, how does it work?

Every 4 weeks, we’ll have a 60-minute 121 Zoom call so we can brainstorm, so I can get to know your business inside out and so you can outline your content priorities and decide what content you want us to create together.

Then I’ll go away and create bespoke copy just for you, based on your own ideas and thoughts, capturing your unique personality and voice to attract the clients you want.

Next you’ll review the content, feedback and I’ll implement any revisions.

Finally, we’ll rinse and repeat this process every 4 weeks until you’ve got a bank of polished, professional copy to use in your business that sounds like you, but without the hassle!

What's so 'Magic' about it?

You will no longer feel like you’re pushing a sisyphean boulder up a hill every time you need to create new content.

You’ll hear ideal clients engaging with your content more and see more leads and enquiries pinging into your inbox.

You’ll feel able to relax and focus on the work you love, knowing you’ve got a secret copywriting partner in your corner, so you can finally communicate your brilliant ideas!

What Happens Next?

Once we’ve had your consultation call, established we’re a good fit, and outlined your bespoke copywriting needs, I’ll invite you to proceed to checkout, and then off we go!

Then you’ll receive an email from me with a link to our shared Google Drive file.

There you’ll find a tracker for your deliverables, an ‘idea log’ to share any lightning bolts you have, and all of the content I create for you, so everything is in one easy-to-find spot!

You’ll also be fully supported on a 121 basis throughout the programme either via slack or a private WhatsApp thread - your choice!


OK - Let's Talk Money?



3 x Zoom 121s (60 mins)

2 x Case Studies

1 x Sales / Services Page

1 x About Me Page

5 x Blogs

30 x Social Media Captions

 WhatsApp / Slack Support




3 x Zoom 121s (60 mins)

2 x Case Studies

1 x Sales / Services Page

1 x About Me Page

5 x Blogs

30 x Social Media Captions

 WhatsApp / Slack Support


Ready to Jump Aboard?

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"I learnt some tips from Chantelle that have literally worked like magic and gained confidence in selling as a result. I love her energy, it was a real highlight for me! I won a new client, who I may have otherwise given up on if it wasn't for Chantelle's great advice and support."

Jane Guest
Adaray Marketing

Let's free up your time?

So you can focus on doing what you love, and leaving the copywriting to your secret word weapon!

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