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A Review of VA Copy College

va copy college Mar 29, 2021

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you’ve found Chantelle’s VA Copy College either through an internet search or social media and you’re at least mildly interested in enrolling in the next round. You’re reading this now because you’re the kind of person who does their research and wants to know exactly what they are signing up for before taking the plunge. I knew I liked you!

As a proud member of the VA Copy College Alumni, (from round 2) I wanted to share my experience as part of the programme and let you know just what you can expect.


You can drink on the job

Logging on to the calls with a glass of wine in hand is not only acceptable, but it’s actively encouraged. It’s your chance each week to settle in with a group of kind and caring souls like yourself to ask what you aren’t sure about, celebrate your wins, and share your sticking points, a problem shared is a problem halved.

No question is seen as silly, and everyone (and I mean this with every fibre of my being) is so encouraging and generous with their feedback, words of wisdom, and enthusiasm for helping you create the business I know you so desire, like I do. 

I found myself feeling comfortable enough to be incredibly vulnerable with these perfect strangers, which helped me verbalise some very deep rooted limiting beliefs for the first time in my life. You won’t just grow professionally, but you’ll grow into a more confident and emotionally intelligent person.


Chantelle knows her shit

And I hope she knows she is the shit. If Chantelle gives you advice, I implore you to take it. She’s the perfect mix of incredibly sweet, caring and genuine, with a sprinkle of sass, practicality and tough love when you need it; which makes for the perfect guide and mentor on your journey to grow your business.

What Chantelle doesn't know about running a successful copywriting business probably isn't worth knowing. 

Her pragmatic approach will carry you through the course seamlessly, she splits each module into clear objectives that flow on from each other so you’ll build on your skills and knowledge, with clear tasks to complete each week. If you fall a little behind (like I did, I wasn’t a star student,) you can always revisit whatever week you need, at any point. You have access to the modules for life, which I’m super grateful for as it will give me the chance to go back over each module again and again whenever I need.


Chantelle’s guest masterclass speakers also know their shit

Not only will you get sound advice and knowledge from Chantelle, but there is also a weekly guest masterclass led by some truly great people. From mindset coaches, wildly successful passive income gurus, business metric marvels, and anything in between, you’ll learn something from every single one of these great minds, and you’ll be constantly inspired by their stories and what you can then apply to your own business.

Luckily they are also all recorded so you can rewatch your favourites whenever you like, and go back over the others that just had so much information crammed into it that your mind is well and truly blown and you need to take it in another few times to fully implement what they say!


I know a lot more shit

Since completing this course, I can proudly say that I had my best month ever in business, and I feel empowered that I am capable of creating the business I thought I could only dream of. 

This course is not a get rich quick scheme full of empty advice and false promises, it’s a framework to create long-term change that is sustainable and ever-growing. VA Copy College has not only changed my business to be less stressful, more lucrative and more enjoyable, but it’s also had a profound effect on my mindset and for that, I will forever be grateful.

Thank you Chantelle. Really. 


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