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New Copywriter WOW Moments

Maybe you've been considering adding Copywriting to your list of VA services? Well, my friend, that's a great call, because from one copywriter to another, well-written-words are where the money's at! 🥳

But, it's a leap of faith to invest in learning a new skill, and you might be wondering whether it's worth it?

The truth is, when you're confident, skilled and know you’re AWESOME at what you do - you’ll know no bounds.

You'll feel...


You’ll feel yourself noticeably ‘unclench’ at networking meetings and on sales calls, confident, prepared and pitch-perfect.


You’ll hear clients clamouring to say yes, when you unashamedly ask them for the sale on your social media, your sales calls and in person.


You’ll see your community grow and thrive, as you step into your authority and deliver the value and expertise than only you can provide.

True to yourself

You’ll be putting out content that actually sounds like you and speaks to the core of your ideal client, without worrying if you sound like a pro! (Spoiler alert: You’ll know you do).

A deal clincher

You’ll have honed your negotiation skills, ensuring you never have to ‘meet in the middle’!


You’ll be sending out emails that people actually read, and (OMG) even respond to!


Oh yea, and you’ll finally be able to make consistent ‘£££’ without having to take on jobs you’d sooner say BYEEEE to.

AND, my friend, If you're reading this thinking, “I'm READY to earn more and have my WOW moments, but I’m not there yet...” 

You’ll want to take a look at my 10-week VA Copy College Course, where you’ll learn to create epic, compelling copy for yourself, and your clients, so you can claim back your time, confidently sell your services online and earn what you’re worth!

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