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Nurturing Your Funnel


What are these sales terms and do I need them in my marketing strategy?

What is a Nurture Sequence?

It's a series of emails that deliver value to a list of people who’ve agreed to hear from you!

It might also be called a ‘drip campaign’ as they slowly provide information to customers over a long period of time.

It consists of a long term series of emails, that you can constantly add to whenever you have some more value to add. It is not necessarily an exhaustive series of emails, but might rather be a weekly email adding value, offering support and reminding them you exist.

The function is to slowly build up long-term relationships with potential customers.

People want to buy from folks they trust, so a nurture campaign builds up that trust!

Typically people have to see or hear about a brand up to 10 times before they feel comfortable buying from you, and they don’t want to be rushed into that relationship - a nurture campaign eases that process along, adding multiple touchpoints to your growing relationship with your customer.

And Sales Funnels?

A sales funnel is a series of marketing tools designed to guide a prospective client towards a purchase.

Sounds simple right?

I think it should be too! Many people seriously over complicate this process, because there are a million different marketing tools available to us now, and they want to use them all.

But the truth is your sales funnel doesn’t have to be all-singing, all-dancing to get the job done.

Your sales funnel should be simple, effective and copy-led. Speaking directly to your ideal client to create meaningful touchpoints and leading them on a journey to their desired transformation. 

And guess what? 

Your nurture sequence sits nicely inside your sales funnel - drawing your clients along to your end goal. Get them both right and you are onto a winner!


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