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How to Smash Your Income Ceiling as a VA!

You're a Virtual Assistant. And it's great. You started your own business for flexibility, freedom, and to be your own boss.

Maybe right now you're doing okay, maybe you're even making a decent income.

And maybe, if you're lucky, you really enjoy your work!

But... I'm willing to bet that even if that's the case, you're starting to see an earnings ceiling in sight?

Because the simple truth is, as a VA or copywriter charging hourly, you're LIMITED:

  • Limited by hours in the day:
    • If you want to make more money you have to work more than you'd like, sacrificing time with your family and doing the things you love.
  • Limited by value perception:
    • If you don't invest in your continual, professional development you can't extend your service offering and attract higher calibre clients.
  • Limited by your self-esteem:
    • The same old stories you keep telling yourself, that you can't learn a new skill, charge more or niche down into a lucrative service area, like Copywriting.

The truth is, what we believe, we create.

So, if you insist on believing that you will fail, that you're not good enough, and that you can't learn to write copy, make more money and claim back your time:

Guess what?

You'll be right.

But if you're ready to get serious and invest in yourself, you CAN take the time limits off of your income.


Listen, I'm not about to dictate how you run your VA or copywriting business.

What I DO want to do is encourage you to start thinking about ways you can package up valuable deliverables so that you're paid for the VALUE you bring to your clients, not just your time.

This might be instead of an hourly rate or in addition. And either is fine. It's all about building the business that lights you up, sustains you and helps you live the life you want.

 So, if you ARE thinking of putting together some packages in your business, here's a few tips to get the ball rolling:

  • The best packages are going to be those that offer high value for the client, with low time cost for you, so try to create a mix in your packages that hits that sweet spot.
  • Build packages that offer a solution to a specific challenge your ideal client has - perhaps they outsource a whole business function they don't enjoy or manage a set of related tasks that free up their time?
  • Consider doing some market research with folks you'd love to work with, asking questions that help identify the perfect combination of services for your ideal client.
  • Why not create hybrid packages, that include some specialist and some general admin tasks, allowing you to develop a skill set you want to build on - e.g. copywriting?

You can build your brand, develop packages that showcase the best value for your clients AND smash through your income ceiling!


P.S. Fancy earning more and selling deliverables not time?

The next round of VA Copy College starts in April - add yourself to the waitlist here to be first to hear when the doors open!


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