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Who do you think you're talking to?


Some unnamed being in the cloud? Your Mum? Someone you love? Your best client? 

How do you write a sales email, or create a website when you don’t know who you’re talking to? And how do you grab that mystery person by the horns and shake them into action?

Always write to a real person

This sounds basic, but it’s something so many people get wrong and we’re all guilty of forgetting. When you’re writing, write as if you’re talking to a real person, ideally your target customer or audience.

Call it your ideal client avatar, or your target market, or whatever you like. But remember it’s a person. One person. It’s a conversation, not a presentation. 

Corporate talk is cheap, no one likes insider language and technical lingo. Acronyms will not win you any love from the people you’re trying to reach.

You’re not giving a speech my friend…

What WILL win you love, brand loyalty and real connections with your audience is authenticity, honesty and down-to-earth conversation! 💛

Find your inner voice

If you’re not sure how to start, or a bit lost on the tone to take, start by writing a letter to your dream customer. Explain:

  • EXACTLY what you can do for them.
  • What their challenges are and how you can solve them.
  • What having them as a client or customer means to you personally.

Then lift that tone, keep the personal feel, and put pen to paper to tell the world about what you do, one person at a time.

Choose your person carefully

Your ideal client avatar is the person you think of whenever you create any service or package in your business. They are the human face on the other side of all conversational and sales copy you create.

When you record a video or write an email, imagine you’re talking to this one person.

So, who might you choose?

  • An actual existing customer you love to work with?
  • A person you love in real life who you’d love working with?
  • An imaginary dream client?
  • An earlier version of you - are you selling something you wish you’d had?

Whoever your client avatar is, dreamy or real, make sure you speak directly to them.

Feel their pains and soothe them.

Find their passion and excite it.

The more you communicate with them, the more engaged they will be with you and your business; the more successful you will be!


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