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If you're a business owner who wants to write better copy, or a copywriter who wants to do better business, you're in the right place...

Welcome to Copy College®: The membership that makes writing FUN! 🎉

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Is THIS you?


✅ You enjoy writing but aren’t sure how to make your words convert into sales.

✅ You want to sharpen your copy skills but aren’t sure where to start.

✅ You're looking for a community that thrives on honest feedback, connection and support.

✅ You love storytelling but want to drive action.

Ideas come easy but shaping them into effective copy feels tough.

✅ You want practical steps, no fluff or bullshit.

✅ Personal and professional growth are equally important to you.

✅ You believe in the impact of words and want yours to make a mark.

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You want connection. Impact.

You know better copy is the key. 


You want to avoid the painfully obvious signs of copy + paste ChatGPT content. Retaining your voice matters to you. 'Authenticity' isn't just a buzzword the Bali-Babes co-opted in 2020.

So, it's a hard pass on "hey biz owners", "accelerate", “skyrocket”, “propel” and ”🎢 🌟".

You actually like writing. You're even pretty good at it.

You're just not sure how to turn stories into sales.

You don't want a course (who's got the time?!) and outsourcing everything isn't in the budget.

What you need is bite-size practical, expert guidance on how to write social media posts, email marketing, landing pages and blogs that turn browsers into buyers.

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What's included?

You'll join our community in a private Facebook group, to network, share ideas, collaborate and give each other feedback.

Plus, you have access to a learning platform in Kajabi where you'll have bite-size copywriting training delivered each month.

Where it gets really fun is that you also unlock 1 credit per month (like on Audible!) that you can spend to unlock your choice of additional modules - to suit your needs, goals and business.

So if you're a business owner, you might focus on Sales Pages one month, and Quizzes the next - whereas if you're a writer, you might like to learn about Onboarding Clients or Sales Calls.

The choice is yours! ❤️

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Both Standard + VIP tiers come with a FREE 7-Day Trial.

Standard Membership


OR 2 Months Free with Annual (£250)

Community + Personalised Learning

  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Copywriting Training & Tools
  • Monthly Audible-Style Credit System
  • Unlock Your Choice of Bonus Modules
  • Personalise Your Learning Pathway
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VIP Membership


OR 2 Months Free with Annual (£1,000)

Everything included in Standard plus:

  • Monthly Mastermind-Style Hot Seat Calls
  • Submit One Piece of Copy Per Month
  • Personalised Feedback & Suggestions
  • Monthly Mindset Mentoring Call
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Hey - I'm Chantelle!

Copywriter & Copy Coach 

I started my own business in 2018 after leaving my corporate sales career behind. I didn't know it yet, but ADHD had made working 9-5 hell and had left me anxious, depressed and burnt out.

I desperately wanted to be my own boss and make my own hours. I was sick of getting up every morning wishing the day was already over.

I was desperate to spend my one wild and precious life doing something I actually gave a shit about.

Turns out, what I actually give a shit about is helping entrepreneurs find the words to sell their big ideas.

6 years later, I spend half my time writing 6 and 7-figure launch copy for the best in the business.

And the other half running the Copy College® membership with my partner, Justin.

My approach? Breaking down big concepts into digestible, actionable steps that make writing killer copy a breeze, so you can cut through the noise and connect with your audience.

Ready to write copy that sounds like you and sells?

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