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If you're a business owner who wants to write better copy, or a copywriter who wants to do better business, you're in the right place...

Welcome to Copy College®: The membership that makes writing FUN! 🎉

We're your hosts, Chantelle & Justin, a couple of entrepreneurs doing life together.

Is THIS you? 

✅ You enjoy writing but aren’t sure how to make your words convert into sales.

✅ You want to sharpen your copy skills but aren’t sure where to start.

✅ You're looking for a community that thrives on honest feedback, connection and support.

✅ You love storytelling but want to drive action.

Ideas come easy but shaping them into effective copy feels tough.

✅ You want practical steps, no fluff or bullshit.

✅ Personal and professional growth are equally important to you.

✅ You believe in the impact of words and want yours to make a mark.


You want connection. Impact.

You know better copy is the key.

You want more YOU in your copy

You want to avoid the painfully obvious signs of copy + paste ChatGPT content. Retaining your voice matters to you. 'Authenticity' isn't just a buzzword the Bali-Babes co-opted in 2020.

So, it's a hard pass on "hey biz owners", "accelerate", “skyrocket”, “propel” and ”🎢 🌟".

You actually like writing. You're even pretty good at it.

You're just not sure how to turn stories into sales.

You don't want a course (who's got the time?!) and outsourcing everything isn't in the budget.

What you need is bite-size practical, expert guidance on how to write social media posts, email marketing, landing pages and blogs that turn browsers into buyers.

And a community to make this whole 'business owner' thing a little less lonesome wouldn't hurt, right?!



What's included?

You'll join our community in a private Facebook group, to network, share ideas, collaborate and give each other feedback.

We have monthly Hot Seat Calls, monthly Mindset Calls and WEEKLY Co-Writing Calls (by popular demand of our members!) ❤️ 

You can also submit one piece of copy per month for personalised feedback from my team, so you're improving your skills every month.

Plus, you have access to a learning platform in Kajabi where you'll have bite-size copywriting training delivered each month.

Where it gets really fun is that you also unlock 1 credit per month (like on Audible!) that you can spend to unlock your choice of additional modules - to suit your needs, goals and business.

So if you're a business owner, you might focus on Sales Pages one month, and Quizzes the next - whereas if you're a writer, you might like to learn about Onboarding Clients or Sales Calls.

The choice is yours! ❤️


Meet Your Copy College® Hosts

Hey - I'm Chantelle!

Copywriter + Copy Coach

I started my own business in 2018 after leaving my corporate sales career behind. I didn't know it yet, but ADHD had made working 9-5 hell and had left me anxious, depressed and burnt out.

I desperately wanted to be my own boss and make my own hours. I was sick of getting up every morning wishing the day was already over.

I was desperate to spend my one wild and precious life doing something I actually gave a shit about.

Turns out, what I actually give a shit about is helping entrepreneurs find the words to sell their big ideas.

6 years later, I spend half my time writing 6 and 7-figure launch copy for the best in the business.

And the other half running this Copy College® membership with my partner, Justin.

My approach? Breaking down big concepts into digestible, actionable steps that make writing killer copy a breeze, so you can cut through the noise and connect with your audience.

Ready to write copy that sounds like you and sells?

Hey - I'm Justin!

Mindset Mentor + Magician

As a professional magician, I perform in front of audiences of hundreds regularly, but as a shy, anxious introvert, it didn't come naturally to me!

I started learning magic as an introverted kid in my bedroom, but it took me 25 years to finally perform in front of another person thanks to crippling stage fright, so I know how scary it can be to get visible.

But, as an online business owner, that's a huge part of the job - showing up for Zoom Calls, going live on socials, networking, recording a podcast, even speaking on the phone!

These situations can (understandably) cause introverted entrepreneurs to break into a cold sweat.

That's why I'm here in the Copy College® membership, to support you with the mindset work that underpins everything else you do.

I love helping our members unlock more confidence through our monthly mindset sessions, so they can show up for themselves every day, as their true self in their copy, and in their business.


Join Copy College® Today!

For business owners who want to write better copy.
And copywriters who want to do better business.

Copy College® Membership

Just £25 per month

Or £250 Annual (two months free!)

Community + Action Taking + Feedback

  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Weekly Co-Writing Calls (90 mins)
  • Monthly Mastermind-Style Hot Seat Calls
  • Monthly Mindset Mentoring Call 
  • Submit Copy for Feedback (1 per month)
  • New Copy Training Released Each Month
  • Personalised Learning: Audible-Style Credit System

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