Never Sell Yourself Short

You quit a job you hated to become your own boss. So why aren’t you bossing it yet?

My 8-week sales strategy course will help you sell your services with pride, confidence and personality.


You handed in your notice.
You said BYE to the job you hated.

Turns out you didn’t want that corner office as much as you’d thought. And that high-flying corporate career you’d been so set on? It just didn’t light you up. So you took a deep breath, and you made a bold move: You started your own business.

Now, you're great at what you do and passionate about serving your community.

There’s just one problem: You’re not making enough sales.

Tough love time my friend: A business that isn’t making sales is a hobby.

I’m willing to bet that when you started your own business, making sales wasn’t high on your list of concerns.

After all, you’ve got experience selling other people’s products and services, surely selling your own would be a cake walk?

But the reality is... a little different.

Maybe you’ve been running your own business for a while now...

And it feels like your wheels are spinning?

Whatever you try, you’re only just making enough sales to keep your head above water, and some months, honestly, it’s a close shave...

And it’s SO f**cking frustrating, because you feel like you’re doing everything right!

You’re showing up to the networking breakfasts, you’re posting on social media, you’re sliding into DMs all over the shop.

But no one is commenting on your posts and your networking contacts are ignoring your emails.

And the worst part is, you know you’re great at what you do. You’re an expert in your field and you know your stuff. It’s frustrating AF that the sales simply aren’t reflecting that... UGH 🤦🏼‍♀️

Isn’t it about time you started earning the money you’re worth, without having to crawl back to a job you hated?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could start selling your services with confidence, without the painful trial and error?


The good news is, you don’t have to learn the hard way!

Welcome to a future where you'll never sell yourself short again...

I’m Chantelle, copywriter and sales strategist. I worked in corporate sales for 6 years, before I made the leap and started Choice Words by Chantelle

I spent my first year in business learning the hard way that selling your own services is a hell of a lot harder than selling chocolate, and figuring out how to translate my existing skill set into confident and proud self-selling.

Now, 2 years on, I work full time running my successful business, with a minimum monthly income of £5K+, working with clients I love, who pay me what I’m worth. More importantly, I’ve built a sustainable business with my personality at the forefront, that uses proven sales strategies to generate leads and close deals.


Now, I want to show you how to do the same within your business, with my brand new sales strategy course...

Never Sell Yourself Short

An 8-week hybrid group and 121 coaching course designed to help you sell your services with pride, personality and confidence.


What's Included?

You'll join your Never Sell Yourself Short community for a weekly 90 minute sales strategy training seminar via Zoom. We'll cover a different topic each week:

  • Negotiation & Influence
  • Sales Promotion Plans
  • Email Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Authority & Mindset
  • Building Your Copy File

This course offers an extremely high level of 121 coaching, with weekly 1 hour coaching calls to address your unique sales challenges and make sure you're implementing the sales strategies covered in our weekly seminars.

This high level of accountability and support is designed to ensure that you get the most out of this course, and that you take real ACTION on the lessons learnt in order to truly move your business forward.

Each week following our 90 minute Sales Strategy Seminars I will open the floor for a live Q&A session, to give you a chance to ask questions whilst they're fresh in your mind. 

Throughout the 8-week course you will have access to a private WhatsApp group with me and the rest of your Never Sell Yourself Short community.

This will to allow you to support and encourage one another and ask ad hoc Q&As throughout the week.

The Never Sell Yourself Short Journey

Step One

First you’ll harness and embrace your special 'sparkle' (secret weapon) so you can show up in your business with your personality on display.

Step Two

Next you’ll learn to craft copy that oozes sparkle so that you can attract your ideal clients and create meaningful connections.

Step Three

Then you’ll clarify, buff and shine your offer, so that you can step into your authority and be recognised as an expert in your field.

Step Four

Finally you’ll implement smart, proven sales strategies in your business so that you can generate qualified leads than turn into dream clients.

You’ll feel yourself noticeably ‘unclench’ at networking meetings, confident, prepared and pitch-perfect.

You’ll hear clients clamouring to say yes, when you unashamedly ask them for the sale on on your social media, your sales calls and in person.

You’ll see your community grow and thrive, as you step into your authority and deliver the value and expertise than only you can provide.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what life after Never Sell Yourself Short looks like?

You’ll be putting out content that actually sounds like you and speaks to the core of your ideal client, without worrying if you sound like a pro!

(Spoiler alert: You’ll know you do).

You’ll have honed your negotiation skills, ensuring you never have to ‘meet in the middle’!

You’ll be sending out emails that people actually read, and (OMG) even respond to!

Oh yea, and you’ll finally be able to make consistent£££’ without having to take on jobs you’d sooner say byeeeee to.


So, it's decision time!

Are you ready to step out of the ‘half-ass’ lane and sell your services with confidence, pride and personality?

What Happens Next?

Once you join the waitlist for the Never Sell Yourself Short sales strategy course, you’ll be securing yourself the chance to grab your spot first when the doors open to the full group course, running throughout May and June, as well as FREE access to an exclusive webinar in March to keep your sales tastebuds tickled whilst you wait.

Then, when Early Bird tickets go live, you’ll receive an email granting you access. Then after you’ve checked out and secured your spot, you’ll receive a link to the course platform, an invitation to our exclusive member WhatsApp group and a very excited email from yours truly, welcoming your on board!


Next Course: Starts May!

Joining this waitlist will grant you exclusive access to secure your spot before public sales begin. You'll also grab a FREE ticket to my webinar on March 31st: 'Who's Buying What You're Selling?'









Investment Options




Course runs May-June 2020

Group size - up to 20

8 x 90 min Sales Strategy Seminars

8 x 30 min Live Q&A 

8 x 60 min 121 Private Coaching Calls

Save £303 vs. full price!





Course runs May-June 2020

Group size - up to 20

8 x 90 min Sales Strategy Seminars

8 x 30 min Live Q&A 

8 x 60 min 121 Private Coaching Calls

Spread payment over 3 months to help manage cash flow





Course runs May-June 2020

Group size - up to 20

8 x 90 min Sales Strategy Seminars

8 x 30 min Live Q&A 

8 x 60 min 121 Private Coaching Calls

Payment Plans Available      (3 or 6 months)


I am SO FREAKING excited for you!

A HUGE congrats on making the decision to invest in yourself and say goodbye to ‘making do’ and ‘getting by’.

You're ready to make some SERIOUS sales in your business and I can't wait to watch you thrive...

✨See you inside! ✨

Chantelle x


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