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Launch Copy That Sells!

You're a small business owner with BIG ideas!

Learn how to write ALL the high converting copy you need to sell your solution to the people that need it.

Join this self guided launch copywriting course now!

WAS £497 - NOW JUST £124.25

No more fear of the blank page for you my friend...

...Just simple, clear steps to writing launch copy that sells your services.



WAS £497 - NOW JUST £124.25


Learn how to craft high-converting copy from a 6-figure copywriter.


Put your lessons into practice easily using our templates and guides.



Confidently launch and sell your solution to dream clients.


Your ideal clients need your BIG idea! 💡

It's time to find the perfect words...
...to show them what's possible with you by their side.

WAS £497 - NOW JUST £124.25
Copy College Graduates


Chantelle's Copy College course was exactly what I needed to write my sales copy for my new program. It felt so good to have a framework and guidance to writing about my program and communicating that in a really powerful way to my potential clients. Chantelle is incredibly good at what she does and her expertise is invaluable.

-Visa Shanmugam


Through Copy College I've been able to learn techniques and structures that have allowed me to grow in confidence and ability. I'm already able to use the skills acquired not just for my business but also to help clients. Chantelle is just so engaging and has the amazing ability to make a subject that I dread (copywriting), simple.

-David Williams


Chantelle makes it easy for you to get out of the weeds and into the writing! I remember feeling like I was blocked somehow or always doing something wrong in my writing style/approach before taking her course. Now, I feel a sense of "I've got this!" and am much happier to play, experiment, and practice my copywriting, knowing I have the fundamentals down!

-Martina Buchal

Launch Copy That Sells!


  • 8 self guided modules: From copy fundamentals to creating every piece of copy you need for your launch, at your own pace.
  • Private Student FB group: Share your work with other Copy College students, give each other feedback and feel the support of our lovely community!
  • Monthly Q&A Calls with Chantelle: Ask your questions and get feedback on your copy.
  • Find the words to communicate your BIG idea to the people who need it!
WAS £497 - NOW JUST £124.25
Frequently Asked Questions

Floppy launches?
Not on our watch! 

Learn valuable copywriting skills and create ALL the high-converting copy you need to SMASH your next launch.

WAS £497 - NOW JUST £124.25