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Choice Words

Copy for BIG ideas!

Done-for-you copywriting, courses and coaching.
Your BIG ideas deserve copy that sells!


Words that sell your BIG ideas!💡

I know that small business owners and entrepreneurs like you are the buzzy, inspired minds that create the BIG ideas we need in the world...

...but many entrepreneurs struggle to articulate those ideas in a way that's clear or that connects with the ideal clients who need them.

The result? Brilliant ideas get abandoned - and when that happens, we all lose out.

That's why I'm on a mission to make sure no BIG ideas get left behind by helping business owners articulate what makes them special.

Whatever your budget, we have a service to help you craft high-converting copy that sell your ideas, and build a business you love.



A Short Hello From Chantelle! 👇🏻


Choice Words By Chantelle

My Words.
Your Voice.

My most exclusive, premium tier service for entrepreneurs who need their copy to generate serious results, and want my eyes on their copy personally.

Includes my done-for-you Copywriting and 1:1 Copy Coaching services.

Services start from £3,000.


Choice Words Copy Agency

Looking for slightly more accessible and affordable done-for-you copywriting services?

We've got you covered with copywriting services from my very own team of personally trained copywriters.

Trusted writers, and the same standard of care and attention to detail you've come to know and trust from my services.


Choice Words Copy College

An online learning portal for business owners and aspiring writers to learn how to craft high-converting copy for themselves and for clients too.

A selection of self-paced and group coaching programmes will be added over the next few months.

Our first self-paced course is available now: Launch Copy That Sells! 👇🏻


Choice Words Copy Vaults

Your one-stop online shop for all your a la carte templates, guides and training videos around copywriting.

Need a sales page?

No drama - just grab the template and guide and get to work DIY-ing it!

Click below to join the waitlist and be first to hear when this brand new resource goes live on Monday 2nd May!


Hey I'm Chantelle!

I’m the owner of Choice Words: Copywriter, agency owner, course creator and 1:1 copy coach.

I started my business as a freelance writer back in 2018, when I left my corporate sales job behind. I've always loved helping creative people find the right words to articulate their brilliant ideas and now I'm lucky enough to do it for a living!

The first person I did this for was my brilliant and entrepreneurial Dad, who calls me his 'Word Whizz'!

A true creative, Dad has amazing ideas that he can talk about all day, but when it comes to putting pen to paper, there's a block. And he's certainly not alone...

Did you know 35% of business owners identify as dyslexic, compared with just 15% of the general population?

And many more struggle to write copy because they simply haven't been shown how. I'm on a mission to fix that, and make clear, high converting copy available for all small business owners, so  no big ideas get lost...


What My Clients Say

Charlotte Wibberley, Marketing Strategist and Agency Owner


"Chantelle took so much pressure off me and got the tone and everything absolutely right. Now my emails are plugged in, they're ready to rock! It's amazing, and genuinely the best money I've spent because I was just procrastinating and find it really hard to write about my own stuff!""

Charlotte Wibberley
Marketing Strategist & Agency Owner

"I chose the half-day intensive to work with Chantelle. I needed an expert point of view to help me pull out and translate some of the most foundational pieces of my work. Chantelle gave me strategies and tools I would never have considered. I came out of the session feeling genuinely seen, heard and understood and with so much more clarity. I gained the confidence to put my ideas out there more.""

Martina Buchal
International Speaker & Leadership Coach

"Chantelle really knows her stuff and is a lovely, genuine, honest person with a real passion for what she does! I would highly recommend her course for any VAs or aspiring copywriters who want to offer copywriting as a business service. You won't regret it - I certainly don't! It was one of the best decisions I've ever made and a real game changer! "

Caroline Buist
Virtual Assistant

"Chantelle is great at what she does, her communication style is clear and she has an amazing personality which makes her very easy to get on with too. If you are looking for great copy, to improve your writing skills and want to connect with more clients more effectively, I have no hesitation in recommending Chantelle. "

Martin Baines
Sales Trainer & Coach

"Chantelle is a catalyst for change, as all great coaches should be, and I will be always thankful to her! When I started the course I was going to develop skills for my own use, to improve my website copy and to help support a small number of clients. With her invaluable support in both 1:1 and weekly group coaching, I have flipped my whole business on its head. I have the confidence, ideas, support and drive to change my offering to something I thought was only a 'dream' goal. "

Ellen Williams
Virtual Assistant

"Chantelle created new content for my website, including two Sales Pages. She hit the nail on the head! If you struggle with putting content together yourself, working with Chantelle is a no brainer!"

Lisa Driver
Nutrition & Fitness Therapy

"Chantelle has the perfect balance of creative flair and considered, strategic thinking. She injected much needed personality and more of 'us' into every piece of copy."

Rosie & David
Newport Street Paper Company

"Chantelle worked extremely quickly, exceeded expectations and was so easy to work with, allowing me to focus on my client! Chantelle is really engaged and supportive, with a very consultative approach."

Rachel Philips
Conga Solutions

"I don't enjoy writing, and Chantelle has a real skill. I had a great experience right from the start. She was able to get what I was trying to convey with minimal explanation - she made things completely pain free! I'd recommend Chantelle to anyone."

Linda Suliman
Breathe Baba

"Working with Chantelle is 5-star on two levels, not only is she a sales wizard offering advice that blew me away and literally worked like magic but one of the most energetic, caring and joyous people to work with too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and her services, you'll get an outstanding return on investment and have lots of fun too!"

Jane Guest
Marketing Strategist

"Chantelle has been helping us at SocialBee Social Media with content for our website, and sales pages for about a year now. Her enthusiasm for helping grow our business is amazing, she wants it to grow as much as we do! Fresh ideas, up to date topics on all content provided and she gets results. I have no hesitation in recommending Chantelle!"

Cale Sinfield
Social Media Mentor

"As soon as I began working with Chantelle, I felt confident that she would be able to help me and my business grow. She is a specialist in her field and the guidance and advice received is always second to none, and the accountability is exactly what I need. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you Chantelle!"

Rachel Priestly
Independant Business Support & VA

"We needed to create an about us page and content around the educational work we do to attract readers and customers. Chantelle helped reshape the copy for us and turned what was very 'busy and long winded wording into dynamic and direct copy which became far more engaging and reader friendly."

Katherine O'Brien
Owner, Bee Potion Skincare

"I'm so glad I came across Chantelle's copy college course - not only have I learnt so much, I've made an amazing new group of friends. It is absolutely 100% worth investing in Chantelle's Copy College. I would recommend this opportunity, whatever stage of business you are at."

Lynda Stevenson
Podcast Editor & Manager

"Through Copy College I've been able to learn techniques and structures that have allowed me to grow in confidence and ability. I'm already able to use the skills acquired not just for my business but also to help clients. Chantelle is just so engaging and has the amazing ability to make a subject that I dread (copywriting), simple."

David Williams
Consultant & The Entrepreneurial Dad

"Chantelle's Copy College course was exactly what I needed to write my sales copy for my new program. It felt so good to have a framework and guidance to writing about my program and communicating that in a really powerful way to my potential clients. Chantelle is incredibly good at what she does and her expertise is invaluable."

Visa Shanmugam
Self Love & Breathwork Coach

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