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Become an authority in your field and attract dream clients, with copy that sounds like you...

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Your Secret Weapon: You!

You're an awesome business owner, obviously.
But you're also a person with a personality.
An inner magic that makes you sparkle.

And let's be clear, if you're not showing up with that personality in your business, your copy and your sales strategy, you're missing a trick.

Because guess what? Your sparkle is your secret weapon.
✨ Time to let it shine! ✨

How can I help?

Award Entries

Download your free Winner's Guide to Business Awards and let's get you the recognition you deserve. Become an authority!


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Start from scratch or some sparkle to your existing copy. Connect with your audience, inject your personality and make more sales.


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Sales Strategy

Get super clear on your goals, your strategy and your sales process. Would you like dream clients queing up for your next launch?


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Hey I'm Chantelle!

Copywriter, Award Coach, and Sales Strategy Ninja all at once? Surely not?

Hey - I'm a multitasker!

Yes, I'm a professional word whizz, and yes, I'll be your trusty sherpa through business award entries and creating a slick sales strategy. Heck, I've also dabbled in public speaking, and I make a mean cupcake.

But what makes me the woman for the job is my ability to infuse your copy with personality and sparkle so you can build real connections and make serious sales.

My community love my consultative and empathetic approach, my clear and transparent process and the tangible results they achieve.

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"I enlisted Chantelle’s help to create new content for my website, including Sales Pages for my two signature programmes. She hit the nail on the head! If you struggle with putting content together yourself, working with Chantelle is a no brainer!"

Lisa Driver
Nutrition & Fitness Therapy

"I'm so thrilled with the results! Chantelle has the perfect balance of creative flair and considered, strategic thinking. She was able to suggest restructuring and improving our packages, whilst injecting much needed personality and more of 'us' into every piece of copy. "

Rosie & David
Newport Street Paper Company

"I would recommend Chantelle to anyone looking for professional copywriting, editing or proofreading services, based on value for money, quality of work and communication."

Lynda Howes
Cactus Patch Design

"Chantelle worked extremely quickly, the turnaround time exceeded expectations and she was so easy to work with. I can do the visuals, but I am not a wordsmith, so it was excellent. Chantelle was really engaged and supportive. Her approach is very consultative and her professionalism meant that I could focus on my client!"

Rachel Philips
Conga Solutions

Real talk. You deserve more.

You work damn hard, you know your stuff and your clients get results. Yet you're still nervous to check your bank balance.
It's time to get the results and recognition you deserve, with sales copy that oozes personality, attracts your ideal client and sparks genuine connection.


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