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Put your personality on the page.
Offer clarity and create real connections.
Sell your services without sounding like Spock.


FREE 30-Minute Call

You're an awesome business owner. Obviously.

But you're also a human with a personality. An inner magic that makes you sparkle. That other folks can connect with, and relate to.

So if you're not showing up with that personality in your business, your copy and your sales strategy, you're missing a trick.

Because guess what? Your sparkle is your secret weapon.

FREE 30-Minute Call


Copywriting Services

Love your business but writing isn't your bag? You know the words you use to sell your services are vitally important - I'll craft copy that sounds like you and SELLS.


VA Copy College

Your days of being paid hourly are DONE. VA Copy College will teach you how to write effective, valuable copy for your clients, so you can charge what you're worth and build your business.


1:1 Copy Coaching

Struggling with creating compelling copy for your business? Want a networking pitch that makes you stand out? Whatever the challenge - pick my brains!


Hey I'm Chantelle!

I’m a copywriter and copywriting coach too.

Many small business owners really struggle to articulate what makes them awesome, what problems they solve like pros and what attracts clients to them. This can result in a lot of lost business, a lot of unserved clients who need what they offer, and worst of all, really low self belief.

I work with business owners to uncover what truly makes them special, and write copy that leaps off the page and makes their dream client whisper:

“That’s me! They’re talking to me...”

If you want to infuse your copy with personality and sparkle, build real connections and make serious sales, I'm the woman for the job.

FREE 30-Minute Call

"Chantelle created new content for my website, including two Sales Pages. She hit the nail on the head! If you struggle with putting content together yourself, working with Chantelle is a no brainer!"

Lisa Driver
Nutrition & Fitness Therapy

"Chantelle has the perfect balance of creative flair and considered, strategic thinking. She injected much needed personality and more of 'us' into every piece of copy. "

Rosie & David
Newport Street Paper Company

"I would recommend Chantelle to anyone looking for professional copywriting, editing or proofreading services, based on value for money, quality of work and communication."

Lynda Howes
Cactus Patch Design

"Chantelle worked extremely quickly, exceeded expectations and was so easy to work with, allowing me to focus on my client! Chantelle is really engaged and supportive, with a very consultative approach."

Rachel Philips
Conga Solutions

"I don't enjoy writing, and Chantelle has a real skill. I had a great experience right from the start. She was able to get what I was trying to convey with minimal explanation - she made things completely pain free! I'd recommend Chantelle to anyone."

Linda Suliman
Breathe Baba

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