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Guest Blog: Content for LinkedIn by Hannah McCormick

Sep 14, 2021

LinkedIn is the most trusted social network in the US so if you aren’t already using it as part of your social media strategy, I highly recommend you start.

But what exactly do you post to LinkedIn?

That was the question I asked myself when I first started marketing my business on social...


Passive Income: Is it just Magic Beans?

Jun 13, 2021

Passive income - what is it? 

Well, in short it’s income you receive when you aren’t actively working. You complete the work once, and the income continues to roll in with no further effort to maintain it. It requires no active work on your part, yet you reap the rewards. Pretty...


A Review of VA Copy College

Mar 29, 2021

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you’ve found Chantelle’s VA Copy College either through an internet search or social media and you’re at least mildly interested in enrolling in the next round. You’re reading this now because you’re the kind...


Who do you think you're talking to?

Feb 04, 2021


Some unnamed being in the cloud? Your Mum? Someone you love? Your best client? 

How do you write a sales email, or create a website when you don’t know who you’re talking to? And how do you grab that mystery person by the horns and shake...


New Copywriter WOW Moments

Feb 04, 2021

Maybe you've been considering adding Copywriting to your list of VA services? Well, my friend, that's a great call, because from one copywriter to another, well-written-words are where the money's at!

But, it's a leap of faith to invest in learning a new skill, and you might be...


How to Smash Your Income Ceiling as a VA!

Jan 31, 2021

You're a Virtual Assistant. And it's great. You started your own business for flexibility, freedom, and to be your own boss.

Maybe right now you're doing okay, maybe you're even making a decent income.

And maybe, if you're lucky, you really enjoy your work!

But... I'm willing to bet...


Nurturing Your Funnel

Jan 31, 2021


What are these sales terms and do I need them in my marketing strategy?

What is a Nurture Sequence?

It's a series of emails that deliver value to a list of people who’ve agreed to hear from you!

It might also be called a ‘drip campaign’ as...


Elevate Your Pitch: 5 Steps to Pitch Perfection!

Jan 03, 2021

Here's the thing: It's all very well having brilliantly written copy on your website, attention-catching email campaigns and jazzy social media captions.

Those things are super important, and they will bring new customers to your door and engage your prospects in meaningful dialogue.

However, you...


Stop Making Yourself the Hero, OK?

Sep 21, 2020

STOP making yourself the hero. Ok?

The key to great storytelling as a business is to position your ideal client the hero of the story, with an obstacle to overcome.

Your business is the guide. Think of yourself as:

The Yoda to their Skywalker.

The Donkey to their Shrek.

The Mr Miyagi to their...


It's Time to Raise the Stakes! 💣

Sep 18, 2020

It's time to raise the stakes, my friend!

People can get this one wrong. Badly wrong.

So let's be crystal clear...

Scare tactics = bad.

But making the stakes CLEAR is important.

It might feel awkward sometimes to clearly state what someone stands to lose, but it also closes sales. And if you're...

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