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It's Time to Raise the Stakes! 💣

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2020

It's time to raise the stakes, my friend! 💣

People can get this one wrong. Badly wrong.

So let's be crystal clear...

❌Scare tactics = bad. ❌

But making the stakes CLEAR is important.

It might feel awkward sometimes to clearly state what someone stands to lose, but it also closes sales. And if you're doing it right, the awkwardness is usually coming from a place of sales-fear. Chances are your prospective client won't notice it if you handle it right.

In fact YOU WANT your clients to associate your service with the problem they face. Just think of Advil as an example. They're not complaining that people associate them with headaches, my friend!

So, what does your prospective customer stand to LOSE by not doing business with you?

What is at stake if they carry on as they are, and what might that mean for their live, or business?

Clear, honest articulation of the stakes, consequences or potential loss if someone doesn't take action makes for compelling copy! So what will they lose: Time, money, opportunity?

Articulate the pain you help your customers AVOID.

If you find this tricky and want some support in helping you articulate these stakes in a way that moves the needle and makes the sale - WITHOUT overdoing it - drop me a 🙈below!


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