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Nicola Rowley: Facing fears and getting more visible

This week I'm joined by my friend, the wonderful Nicola Rowley.

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Nicola is an award winning Founder of NJRPR, providing strategic PR and Communications advice and services to female entrepreneurs and clients across the Entertainment and Leisure sectors.

She's is also an award winning children's author and ex-journalist.

Nicola and I dive into why being visible in business is NON-optional right now, and how you can leverage the power of PR to build and (importantly) protect your brand.

We also discuss Nicola's journey to entrepreneurship, and motherhood, as well as some of the fears and challenges she's faced and overcome along the way.

So, grab a cuppa (or something stronger!) and join Nicola and I as we ponder the question:
Is there such a thing as bad publicity?


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