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A Few Choice Words

A Few Choice Words

Hosted by: Chantelle Davison

Entrepreneurship isn't all roses and super yachts (I know, bummer), and sometimes the hardest conversations are the most important ones to have. Let's talk...

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Lindsay McGlone: Intersections of Identity and Building an Inclusive Business

Lindsay McGlone is a master of many and finding her way through social media has placed her as one of the most authentic and relatable people on social media. Lindsay is an Instagram expert, stage and space manager...
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Heidi Mavir: Your Child Is Not Broken (and neither are you)

Welcome to this episode of our podcast where we dive deep into the glorious world of neurodivergence with Sunday Times Best Selling Author: Heidi Mavir! Heidi describes herself as a gobby northern bird, autistic, ADHD...
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Emma Haslam: Infertility & The IVF abroad Journey

Emma Haslam is the IVF abroad expert and Mum, who became the expert she and her husband needed when they had IVF abroad. In this beautifully honest conversation, Emma walks us through her own story of infertility and...
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Carol Deveney: How to Overcome Fear and Win Corporate Business!

Carol Deveney is a business-to-business strategist who helps entrepreneurs win hundreds of thousands of pounds of corporate business. CEO of a global B2B consultancy and founder of The Corporate Method, Carol gives...
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Karen Gibb: How to know when your Mind Meercat is jumping!

This week I'm joined by Karen Gibb, the founder of Mind Marvels. Pull up a seat and join us for a chat about our own experiences with anxiety; mental well-being in children; and how our education system might better...
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Hannah McCormick: Breakdowns, Breakthroughs & Boundaries

In this episode I'm joined by Hannah McCormick, of Your Design VA and Showing Up Solo. Raised in the UK but now living in Canada, Hannah is a marketing consultant who helps fellow service providers set up their...
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Nicola Rowley: Facing fears and getting more visible

This week I'm joined by my friend, the wonderful Nicola Rowley. See Nicola's website here. Join Nicola's FREE 4-Day PR Challenge here. Buy Nicola's book 'The Power of PR' here. Follow Nicola on Instagram here. Nicola...
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Rich Davies: Mental resilience in the face of catastrophe

For this first episode I'm joined by Rich Davies, entrepreneur and founder of the charity, Bowel Bro. In this podcast, we discuss the idea of mental resilience, in life, business, and specifically in the face of...
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