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Lindsay McGlone: Intersections of Identity and Building an Inclusive Business

Lindsay McGlone is a master of many and finding her way through social media has placed her as one of the most authentic and relatable people on social media.

Lindsay is an Instagram expert, stage and space manager for incredible events, activist and producer of the Burlesque and Cabaret show Reclaimed Hereford.

As well as all this Lindsay dabbles in influencing.

Lindsay is also a queer woman, plus size and very proudly Northern!

In this episode we talked about activism; reclaiming the term "fat" and combating body stereotypes; the intersections of queerness and body positivity; and the pursuit of authenticity both online and offline.

We also spoke candidly about the unspoken struggles faced by entrepreneurs, especially the financial struggles that often go undiscussed, but are such a common experience for the self employed!

Lindsay also touched on the challenge of setting boundaries as a marginalised activist and offered practical advice for businesses striving to elevate and prioritise diversity, accessibility, and inclusion - in a way that's more than just lip service!

From the insidious pitfalls of unsolicited diet advice to the superficiality of brands indulging in "rainbow washing," Lindsay offers us ideas on how to find self-acceptance, prioritise freedom and purpose, and challenge societal norms.

Trust me, you're in for a treat! ❤️ 

To learn more about Lindsay's journey and connect with her (you're going to want to do that!) make sure you check out

And don't miss her incredible Burlesque and Cabaret showcase, Reclaimed Hereford, if you're in that neck of the woods!


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