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The Expert's SECRET to Email List Growth


How Jenna Kutcher Got 105K Email Subscribers!

Ever wonder why your inbox is always brimming with interesting quizzes from your favourite marketers? Well, it's not just fun and games, friend: 

It's an ingenious strategy called Quiz Funnels!


What's the Buzz About Quiz Funnels?

A quiz funnel, in simple terms, is a marketing approach that employs online quizzes to engage with potential customers and qualify them for suitable products or services. It's an interactive method of lead generation and an excellent way to create segmented email lists. Even more, they're a fantastic tool for generating a steady stream of passive income. Top online marketing gurus use this approach not because it's the latest trend, but because it's SO effective. I explained why in this blog.


If it's Good Enough for Amy...

Amy Porterfield, a well-known online marketer, has capitalised on the magic of quiz funnels. They're an integral part of her marketing strategy. One great example is her 'Discover Your Ambition Archetype' quiz, which is evergreen and speaks directly to her target audience - those looking to quit their 9-5 jobs and pursue entrepreneurship.

She also leverages the power of quiz funnels by creating personalised podcast playlists for her audience. This ingenious approach draws her audience deeper into her world while providing immense value.


A Casual 105,000 New Subscribers for Jenna Kutcher

Let's shift our gaze to Jenna Kutcher. Known for her skills in building email lists, she crafted a quiz titled "What's Your Secret Sauce," which isn't about finding your favourite condiment, but about pinpointing what makes each entrepreneur unique. This quiz was a roaring success, leading to an impressive 105,000 new subscribers. The reason? She successfully piqued her audience's curiosity and delivered value, all while gaining insights about them.


Other Success Stories

The list doesn't end there. Other online marketing hotshots, such as Marie Forleo, Russell Brunson, Lisa Johnson, and Pat Flynn, all use quiz funnels to connect with their audience and grow their businesses. It's not a strategy adopted on a whim; it's a deliberate and successful method employed by the best in the business. And now: You!


Let's Get Quizzical: Time for You to Step Up

So, it's clear as day that the online marketing elite are using quiz funnels.

The question is, why aren't you?

Let's fix that?

My good friend, funnel strategist and tech whiz, Charlotte Wibberley, and I have got something for you. We're inviting you to join Let's Get Quizzical, a tailored solution to guide you through the quiz funnel landscape. With our expertise and a pinch of your dedication, you can implement this powerhouse strategy to supercharge your business growth.


Quizzes aren't going anywhere. Now is the time!

Quiz funnels aren't a fly-by-night marketing tactic. They've proven their mettle by being an integral part of some of the most successful online marketing strategies. Your favourite marketing gurus have paved the way, and now it's time for you to join the ranks.

Are you ready to harness the power of quiz funnels? To build deeper connections, qualify leads like a pro, and maybe even make money in your sleep?

If you are, then it's time to invest in Let's Get Quizzical. Jump in, and let's make your business the next big success story in the world of online marketing! 🤩

Chantelle x


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