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Lindsay McGlone: Identity, Inclusivity, and the Power of Reclaiming "Fat"


I am beyond thrilled to announce my latest A Few Choice Words podcast episode with the inimitable Lindsay McGlone. If you're someone who revels in the deep, juicy and BS free - you're in the right place!

Who is Lindsay McGlone?

Lindsay wears many hats - from being an Instagram influencer to producing the Burlesque & Cabaret show, Reclaimed Hereford.

But beyond these accomplishments, Lindsay stands out as a beacon of genuine authenticity in an oftentimes fake and shallow online space. As a queer, plus-sized, and proud Northern woman, her story is one of self-acceptance, resilience and fierce, unapologetic inclusivity.

Lindsay is a person you want in your corner! 👀

What's in store for this episode?

Together, we dove DEEP on:

  • The world of activism and its profound effects on society.
  • Battling and debunking body stereotypes.
  • The intricate intersections between queerness and body positivity.
  • The evolution of personal authenticity in our increasingly digital age.
  • The untold, behind-the-scenes struggles faced by entrepreneurs, particularly money troubles!

Lindsay also delves into her personal experiences - from grappling with unsolicited diet advice (ugh, we've all been there right?!) to dissecting the superficiality of "rainbow washing" by big brands. Her insights give a refreshing perspective on finding self-acceptance, prioritising freedom and purpose, and challenging societal norms.

Why should you tune in?

This episode isn't just another conversation. Lindsay shares her experience battling stereotypes and embracing her full identity outside of her activist 'character'. Lindsay's wit, wisdom, and candidness are an absolute treat - and I know you're going to love it!

Ready to dive in?

You can find the episode via the links below! ⤵️

Apple Podcasts

And if you LOVE Lindsay as much as I do after this conversation, don't forget to delve deeper into her world by visiting her Instagram: Lindsay's Instagram.

And for those in or visiting her neck of the woods, a stopover at her Burlesque and Cabaret showcase, Reclaimed Hereford, is a must! ❤️


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