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Passive Income: Is it just Magic Beans?

Passive income - what is it? 

Well, in short it’s income you receive when you aren’t actively working. You complete the work once, and the income continues to roll in with no further effort to maintain it. It requires no active work on your part, yet you reap the rewards. Pretty jazzy huh?

Passive income pays you to watch Dawson’s Creek

It's the money you earn whilst lying on a beach somewhere relaxing with a margarita in hand; the income you receive while dancing at your best friend's wedding; or spending the day under a blanket watching reruns of Dawson's Creek for the 50th time because... well, you feel like it!

Passive income is the secret to long-term financial independence. 

It's the thing that helps you sleep well at night, knowing if anything happened and you couldn’t work for x amount of time, you’d still be okay. You’ll have recurring revenue coming into your business, allowing you to pay your bills and keep food on the table at the very least, or to take regular round the world trips staying in 5* luxury at best (yes please!)

Passive income is delicious 

My friend, I’ll tell you now, having passive income streams will quite literally, change your life. It’ll give you the opportunity to spend time growing and developing your brand. You’ll feel safer taking risks because you know the income will be rolling in anyway, and you can ditch the boring but reliable work (or clients) that don’t set your soul on fire! Instead, you can take your time finding that triple scoop client that comes with a flake AND sprinkles, because with passive income, you can afford to take the risk. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

I know what you’re thinking: “This sounds great Chantelle, but it won’t work for me. I don’t have the skills, expertise or influence to make this a reality!”

You know what - I’m calling bullshit. Here’s why:

All you need to do is to have knowledge, skills or resources worth sharing! 

Still not sold?

You don’t need to be the absolute best or know every single thing about your niche, you just need to know more than your clients do, which isn’t hard when it’s your job and not theirs. 

We both know there’s something in your repertoire that you know enough about to be able to provide value to the people who don’t have that skill. 

Stop putting yourself in the corner, Baby.

Find your freedom!

If all of your work is currently 1-1, the simple fact is, you’re exchanging time for money, so you’ll always be limited in what you can earn. Passive income is the secret to time freedom and thriving financially! I

I’ve seen first hand what passive income has done for my business and my mental health. If I don’t feel like myself one day, I can take a mental health day, filling my day with things to refill my cup and get myself back on track, rather than working to the point of burnout (been there)!

And listen, I’m not trying to sell you magic beans here. I’m not saying setting up a passive income stream is easy to start with; getting it set up will take hard work. But once that works done? Guess what? It’s done! You don’t need to work on that thing again but you’ll get paid time and time again. 

You don’t need magic beans to grow serious recurring revenue...

Ready to get started?

The introduction of passive and semi passive revenue streams to my business has been an absolute game changer. I learnt from the best, my mentor, coach, and friend, Lisa Johnson - the undeniable Queen of Passive Income!

Once a year Lisa runs an INCREDIBLE free 4-day challenge called Race to Recurring Revenue, and registration for this year's challenge is now open!

I’m not exaggerating when I say everyone can learn something valuable and implementable from this challenge.

Make sure to register ASAP and save your spot here!

See you there friends! 👋🏻


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