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Will Copywriting Be Replaced by ChatGPT?


AI won’t replace you. Someone using AI will.

In 1997, IBM's Deep Blue, an artificial intelligence (AI) machine, defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov, ushering in a new age of AI. But that’s not the end of the story because shortly after, a new victor emerged: Deep Blue working with Garry Kasparov.

Working together, the man and the machine became more than the sum of their parts.

Just like in chess, where AI can calculate countless potential moves and strategies within seconds, it takes a human to introduce the unpredictable, read the opponent, and bring creativity into play.

I firmly believe this is the approach entrepreneurs (yes, even copywriters!) need to take when it comes to embracing AI in our businesses. The simple fact is that AI can outperform humans at many tasks. What it cannot do is empathise.

It’s clear to me that the beauty of using AI isn't about replacing the human touch but rather about how we can harness the strengths of both to amplify our abilities, streamline our processes and work smarter, not harder. The magic truly lies in collaboration.


A Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs

Embracing AI as a tool rather than perceiving it as a threat is going to be crucial in any industry. Leveraging AI's capabilities for efficiency, data analysis, and automation allows us to focus on our strengths.

We must foster an attitude of growth and adaptation. Because honestly, what’s the alternative? Progress. Marches. On. And just as we don’t forgo the calculator in favour of the abacus or the oven in favour of the open fire, as technology develops, we embrace new efficiencies, freeing up our time for innovation, creativity, and - dare I say - fun.

I’m certainly not denying the numerous moral or legal challenges and complexities associated with AI, from intellectual property confusion to the risk of misinformation. What I’m saying is that these aren’t reasons to dismiss the technology out of hand; instead, they require nuanced understanding, a balanced and informed approach, and a practical acknowledgement of the potential risks whilst working towards solutions.


A note for my writers

In my signature programme, Paid to Write, I equip aspiring writers to quit their 9-5 and build a business (and life) they love. So I’d be remiss not to share a word with those worrying about the longevity of their new copywriting career:

The crux of copywriting - and indeed, any creative profession - lies in creativity, and that's something AI simply can't replace.

My honest prediction? Yes, some businesses will try to DIY their own content for a while using AI tools like ChatGPT. They will think they’ve found a shortcut. But soon, AI will democratise mediocre copy, and the bar will rise again.

Enter a new generation of copywriters who embrace the power of AI and combine it with their creativity and empathy to write copy that engages, connects and converts.

Inside the new, updated version of my copywriting business course, Paid to Write, I've added training to help you make sure you use AI the right way in your copywriting business. In a way that boosts productivity, enjoyment and profit - without letting your creative muscles atrophy!

Chantelle x

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